ARGH!! That’s not what I expected!!

You can indeed have Great Expectation as long as it fits the Scenario you are dealing with. Once that happens everyone’s chances for success have been greatly increased!

The Fives

Focus Your Off-season: A Program Building Exercise

The season has ended, the equipment is turned in, and already you are analyzing what your program can do to be better.

Referee and Coach Talking

Shouting at the Sky

We worry about the things we can control. And as a coach, the only thing I can control is what my team does. I guess I can also control what I do and how I react to situations that present themselves over the course of the game.

The Secret of Pass Protection

The responsibility of pass protection does not lie solely in the lap of the offensive line. The way you train your quarterback can make your line’s job easier.

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Be a Football Heretic – 5 Ways to Challenge Football Dogma

There are certain elements of football that have been accepted for so long that they have been accepted as gospel. Certain techniques, alignments, schemes, etc. are simply known to succeed or fail. Here are five ways I have bucked the tried and true and allowed my players to succeed.