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They're a power I team. They are big up front. Every one of their kids is bigger than ours. Their backs are not that big, but they are decent. Their QB is big and fast, but they don't like to give it to him a lot. Their right guard is their best player. It looks like they try to pull with him but I only saw it once. It looks like they're mostly trying to double team on the LOS. 

Their middle full back trucks. Their QB is big and gangly. Their wide fullback is fast and is a sweep threat. They can throw (mind you this is 8/9 yo). 


They're basically just bigger than us. 

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The good thing about playing a Power-I team (especially if they're good at it), is that they're going to help your defenders keep everything in front of you.  If your players are comfortable tackling low, then size really won't make a difference.  ALL players are equally vulnerable between the ankle and the knee.  However, if your kids get caught up in that "they're bigger than us!" then you're probably in trouble.  And since it sounds like you're already caught up in it, it's likely your team is already in trouble.


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"Big" does not equal "good". Be faster than them. Power I has almost no misdirection. The only thing I'd worry about is double teams. I struggle with teaching d-linemen to never give up ground. They are coached to immediately get in the OL's shins if they feel themselves moving backward. We can drill it to death and eventually get them to do it in practice when we are right on top of them. On game day, it's as if the sideline is the border of a magical place called "I know better than my coach".

Just make sure your DL knows what to do if they are double teamed.


Just realized you are a 33 stack team. Same deal for your DL. No moving backward on double teams. However, a double team vs the 33 stack means a stacker coming free. Make sure they do not over-run the play. Some say to have them break down and buzz feet once they cross the LOS. Not a big fan of that. I tell them to focus on the football and ignore anyone who doesn't have the football.

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Send the stacks to the power side unless otherwise countered with " counter" 


Pre snap:








Post snap 









The inverts are cross keying left keys y and right keys p for counter. Corners read the #1 and play secondary pursuit/contain help







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Speed D.  Don't worry about how they align as much as how you attack them.


I run a multiple Defense.  We align a couple different ways, but base out of a balanced 4-4 we blitz from the LBs and the S often.  Only 1 usually.  We base in a 4 man front, get in a 5 man front, and also run a 3 man front.

But we play fast.  If we make mistakes, we do it fast.  We attack the ball.  Effort, Speed, and Tackling.  We've give up 2 TDs this year.  Both mistakes were isolated to a specific error by a specific player.  They haven't made the same mistake again so far.


Last week our opponents who are bigger, stronger, and have double the numbers as us were complaining on the sideline towards the end of the game about how they've never been hit so hard before.  (At least that's what the dads running the chains told me.)


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It's been a while since I coached youth ball but my experience was that big offensive linemen were a non-factor...especially big kids under the age of 14. You are going to get doubled in a 30 front but I seriously doubt they will be good enough to combo those doubles to your LB's. If those LB's fit their gaps they will probably make a lot of tackles at the LOS.