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Defending the Beast

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I found out yesterday that I'll be coaching against a team running the balanced line Beast. They run it mostly with three wingbacks outside of the tight end.

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This is the first time I've seen this from balanced line look (when I ran the KB, I saw an unbalanced look... I just went end over). My first thought was to go 4-2 (stop the A gap runs) and to cheat the Reaper to the Beast side. However, I want to learn to run this defense the right way, so I thought I'd see what everyone else thought. 

I'm also taking a lot of crap for nicknaming my dogs as "Jack" and "Bauer". I like to see them blow stuff up and save the day, so I thought the names were perfect.

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hmmm....well it certainly yells sweep and counter for me. Looks limiting as a full time formation or is it just one of their formations? 

I'd go full taps and play JACK or BAUER over as a wide 9. Put my money on them never getting out of the backfield. Reaper and backside CB can cheat to strength. 

When playing full taps....mathematically the kids can tap any direction they want. I like to encourage the outside stacks to send the DLM inside. Then you will have LB'r types spilling if that happens. 

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That's a really good thought exercise. If you stay in base, you are out numbered by 1. They have 7 on one side of the ball, 4 on the other. Question is, who do you pull over? Simplest is to move your stacks over by 1 to the strong side. Then, you don't have to move your R too far. He over your middle stacks (now stacked on strong guard) or just inside them in the Q gap.  At the snap, he takes a peak at the beast bunch in case they counter. 

I honestly wouldn't sweat it too much. Most teams who line up like this don't really have a plan other than sweep and they tend to suck at it. Pass is where they can hurt you, but with your proper Dog alignment (between the middle and outside back), there is almost zero threat to the flat. TE's going deep can hurt you.

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Guess my first question is what coverage will you primarily be in. 







These were my initial thoughts coming from a cover 3 perspective, cover 7. Bunch side corner and fs have deep 1/4 with WS having deep half.  Weak side corner is now a flat/force player, with will the seam/hook player. Probably play a game with Mike and sam either one blitzing or both. 

I am not an odd stack guy but our 4-2-5 plays similar. So maybe this helps.  The deep players will key the bunch player while the force defenders key the qb. 

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