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How I intend to run man coverage with 9yo

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What I want to accomplish is to blitz as much as possible. However, I also want to avoid letting a TE go unchallenged, and I want to avoid moving my falcon from the center of the field. How I plan to accomplish this is like this. The OLB get a pass responsibility if they have a receiver. So 2x2 for example, OLB moves over the slot. The falcons responsibility is always deep cover 1 unless it’s 5 wide (2x3), then he has the #3. Against 1x4 it’s the same, meaning the OLB would cross over to get the #2. Against 3x1 we want our OLB to cross over so the falcon can be deep.


When we move our OLB outside into coverage, we want the DT (end) to go to the B gap.


This allows our dogs to always play sweep and blitz QB.


I want this because the best team in the league runs screens out of spread. The 2nd best runs a power I / wing I. I’m a bit worried about the wing creating an opening because of how I run my corners. However, I don’t think it will be that much of a problem. I think I can easily tell my falcon who to cover for each game since we get game footage.


So far I have liked man coverage a lot. It has worked strangely well. The problem I honestly see is kids dropping into coverage when they never should have.

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