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Planning to Run 33 Stack This Season

Coach Kiff
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I'm with 8/9 year olds this season, and I think I'm planning to run the Guts alignment full time. We're supposed to have a group of about 18 kids, and they're all small / fast kids with a few exceptions. We don't seem to have a "stud", so I'm hoping this defense gives us the opportunity to confuse and swarm. Plus the high school is a 335 team, and they put on a clinic that was about 100x too sophisticated for this level. So I'm drawn to the simplicity this defense has. We'll use all their own terminology, but we'll be a 100% JJ 33 Stack team.

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I'm planning to do the same thing (still waiting to see if I'm coaching and what age group). If I end up at 8U, I will run the 42 since that age group doesn't allow a nose man. 

Hope you have a great season!

Coach Terry

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soul strife
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This will be my first year running it.  I reached out to JJ for information purposes and in the off season we have a new DC at HS.  The new DC is running a 30 so....33 stack attack here I come.  Hopefully, it all turns out well.