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6-3 up to what level?

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I'm a firm believer of this defense for youth and have used it with success, but at what level of football do you think this defense in its base format does it start breaking down? Just curious to see what people think. Again, I'm a believer in the defense so not trying to knock it.

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I ran it up to 14u regional finals. Depends on your skills levels and how well they can adjust.

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Personally, I've used it up to 14 U and mixed it as a blitz Package with JR Titans Split 4-4 at the same level.  One might ask why I changed?  For 1 or 2 years, I had a terrific group of Athletes. Not necessarily "Studs" but fast, physical and athletic.  We were able to maintain the "Havoc" in the backfield all along.  I was really able to open up the play book on both sides of the ball.  If you sit and really think about it.  Jacks 6-3 is really a lot like a 4-3 with Blitzing Corners.  As they age up you can actually start using the DE to Lock Up and play Man.  Or you can split him off and play Over Under with Safety help over the top.  Still play Hook to Curl.

Mind you all of that depends on the Kid you have at that position.  The 2 kids I have there this season have Caused Chaos.  But only one of them has the athletic ability to split wide and potentially be that Man Cover Kid.    Some guys say Jack is hard to understand, I am right with him on the Geometry of the Defense.  I truly believe the 6-3 is a great defense for Youth Football. 

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My buddys son team played today jv high school and the team ran 6-3 kinda like jacks...not certain...did well vs the 3 back pistol

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Jack ran it in MS for a few. It worked great for him

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