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Three Games in with this D

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Game 1 - 107 yards, 3 first downs, 1 take away, 2 scores (all yardage and scores and first downs came in the first half)

Game 2 - 66 yards, 2 first downs, 0 take aways, 1 score

Game 3 - 117 yards, 8 first downs (a couple by penalty, face mask, unnecessary roughness), 4 take aways, 1 score.

We are 2 and 1 (believe it or not we lost game 2, Our QB was sick, and we had trouble moving the football) since moving to this defense, averaging less that 100 yards per game, less than 5 first downs per game. We run both Stack and Red mode, depending on down, distance and what we think they are going to do.

Our CB's are absolute assassins, coming down hill hard and fast to support the run, they have 2 picks, the dline is small, but quick, a few tackles but more importantly, they keep MIKE and the other backers clean and have 2 fumble recoveries. MIKE is vicious, he is big and physical, a bit on the slower side, but he moves well enough and takes good angles (we play him a little deeper) and he had the game sealing pick last week. The DE's have been solid, one is a brand new kid, and you can see his confidence growing every week, last week, he had a key 4th down tackle in the backfield on a toss sweep, the other is a tremendous player, he plays that force position really well. The backers in the stacks are strong and physical, one has a tendency to get too deep in stack mode though...

I should have done this in week 1 🙂

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.