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Pre-Season Lineman Challenge

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Good Morning y'all,


Wanted to reach out and see if any other leagues have put together Lineman Challenge or Skill Position Challenges in lieu of a Jamboree?

I have this idea of doing a lineman challenge with 4 or 5 events plus a tug-of-war as well as a skill position challenge similar to what the NFL does with their Pro-bowl weekend. Was just curious if anybody else had done this at the youth level.

It seems our pre-season Jamboree numbers have gone down over the past 8 year or so.




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James, would the "lineman challenge" be in addition to your jamboree, or instead of?  I have not dealt with something like this.  However, we have held a "combine day" at our high school that is like a "field day" type of event for football.


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I would lean toward the Challenge being a supplement to the Jamboree. Some teams will still want to do the Jamboree as they aren't as successful in setting up pre-season scrimmages, but on the other hand, there are a lot of coaches who don't want to show their hand until week 1.


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Our league has a "battle of the hogs" 


Events change yearly

5 events, team and individual awards by school classification and over all


They've done mostly combine drills with a 1v1 pass set drill vs defender...which essentially starts at least 1 shoving match. 


Med ball throw for distance : 50lbs

Sled push for speed 1 and 2 man sled

Shuttle run variation

Hex bar deadlift for reps in 60 secs 2x bw

Full team obstacle


Teams of 4 players 


Great event, lunch is always amazing and we get a keynote speaker, t-shirts...great experience



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This seems like it would be a lot of fun and give the bigs something to bet excited about. The thing is, we have a tradition involving a Carnival practice that only happens if we know it's the last practice of the season. We are either in the championship ?  have failed to make the playoffs ? .

I'll have to talk to Mahonz and see if it's something we can work in.

I like the medicine ball throw (scaled down for 4th graders), or maybe a dummy throw.

I have a harness. Maybe I can have them pull me on my mountain bike for time.

Max body weight squats in 1 minute.

If I can figure out something they can hit, then measure the distance that thing traveled.

Wall sit for time.

Do it once in the first week of practice, again at mid season and once more at then end. Prizes for each event and "overall". Prizes for "most improved". 


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