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Help with 3x1 concepts

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Looking back and i was curious what was the result of this game was?

We won 32-31.

It was a shootout on both sides. We struggled with a lot of the shotgun 3x1 plays because our center was panicking over A gap blitzers. We worked on this for a couple of weeks at practice but still had issues. Most of his snaps were really high. QB had to jump to grab them and it messed up a lot of timing. When we got a good snap, things went really well.

When we went gun they would spread their D line out so that the DT's were almost in a 6 tech. Then they would blitz up the middle. We saw this and started running QB draws & speed options. Did was a QB keep on the option where he ran 40 yards or so for a TD. But no consistency because of the snaps.

Their QB and #1 WR ate us alive all game. It was like pitch and catch. We had so many blown coverages. That was frustrating.

We scored 4 touchdowns to their 5 but in our league kicking a PAT is worth 2 points. Our kicker was 4/4. We blocked two of their XP's.

Game literally came down to the last play. After we score on a pass play where our LT was eligible and they didn't realize it (I hated this AC had us install it and rep it for a few weeks. I never planned on calling it...the kid who plays LT for us is one of the tallest/fastest on the team but could not catch consistently) We were down 25-24 with about 3 mins to go. We have a turnover on downs in their territory and figure they will try and run it out. They call one run and I don't use one of our 2 timeouts. After 2nd down when we stuff them I call a timeout. 3rd and 10 they throw a pass that is incomplete and then punt. We get it back and are moving down the field. On 2nd down from their 40 yard line or I call the tackle eligible pass play, after my AC is begging me to do it. They play cover 0 and their left DE is backed off the ball a bit. Super smart kid. On the snap he hesitates just enough for our LT to get down the seam, bending it a little to the inside where they have no safety. QB hits him in stride....ball hits LT's hands, bounces up in the air, he keeps running and reels it in. Runs in for the TD. We get the PAT so up 32-25 with about a minute and 1/2 to go. Great call by my AC.... I wouldn't of even thought of the play all game.

At this point the fog has rolled in and I can't see halfway across the field. It is bad. But made for a fun ending.

We kick deep....they march all the way down the field with long passes. Their QB is running around making great throws and his WR is making great catches. We pick of a pass, clear as day...if you can see it through the fog. Well when my safety was going to the ground their WR grabs at the ball. On the ground they are both fighting for it...refs give them the ball back, saying the WR had it first.  ::) No way...but we press on.

They keep moving down the field and I notice that their RB, who is a beast, is tapping his helmet...looking at the sidelines asking to come out of the game. I haven't seen them put any other kid at RB all year. They leave him in. This helps us huge later. They end up scoring on a corner route from about the 15 yard line with 8 or 10 seconds left to go. 32-31 us.

They line up to go for 1, after we have blocked 2 of their PAT attempts they aren't trying that again. They run what looks like it was meant to be a sweep to their RB. Our DE does his job, gets up field and give the RB 2 choices. Spill deeper and try and get around him or cut it inside. He cuts inside, where our 2 safeties, Mike and NG all make the play. They don't get in. We win.

We lost to this team in the championship the year before. Three things that we failed at then, made a point to focus on this year and were huge factors in winning this game. Coaching, Conditioning and special teams. Their RB was gassed and wanted out of the game. He had been gaining good yards on the same play we stuffed them on at the end. Our conditioning was key. Then special teams. We made all of our XP kicks and blocked two of theirs.

On the coaching point. We communicated, worked together as a unit and trusted each other more than any other staff I was on. My AC calling the tackle eligible pass after watching their alignment all game. My other AC had us flip flop one player on their XP kicks. This player blocked both of their PAT's. Funny story. Their first PAT attempt was good....but we were off sides so they had to re-kick. They blew it dead before the kick but no one heard. This is when my AC said flip the kid who went off side with another kid. That kid then blocks the kick. And their next kick.

We went on to win the championship game 14-12 the next week. We blocked both of their PAT attempts as well.

Huge thanks to Dumcoach, who drove hours to make it to 15 minutes of one practice. In that 15 minutes he fixed our 47 speed play. I was screwing it up for 5 years. He fixed it in 15 minutes.

Thank you to Coach Joe (MHCoach), who I am just now realizing I never called back to tell you what happened in this game. I'm sorry coach ! Joe spent a ton of time with me on the phone going over the game plan and helping add some wrinkles.

Without the help of both of you, not just this year but over many years, we wouldn't have had anywhere near the success we did.

Long post....but I have been off here for a bit and realized I never explained what happened.

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Thanks for the update Josh. 

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