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RB basics

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Here are some EDD's I posted in another thread:

Hand Off Snake

2 lines on the Goal line(any stripe will do) hash mark apart (about 15 yds or so Hash mark is 17 1/3) Start each player to the right of the line Back runs at 3/4 speed when he reaches the middle the other back starts They hand off to each other.

CP's smooth hand off proper arm up thumb down & come over the ball. First few times doing this drill we usually do it at 1/2 speed until everyone is comfortable. After everyone with line on the right then line on the left, finally 5 yds apart with a small toss.

Power Run

Partner up
BC ball in right hand high & tight partner arms around the BC's waist. BC drives 10 yards high knees ball high & tight arms pumping. They switch then switch arm holding ball.

CP's Arm with ball is a small swing & ball stays high & tight BC must have positive body lean & drive with high knees

High & Tight

Partner up
BC has the ball High & Tight partner jogs next to the BC punching grabbing & slapping at the ball. Do both hands.

We do these drills everyday it takes us 9-10 minutes the key is to do them at a high pace.


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