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Did you use a Reverse on occasion at youth and if so, how do you block it (ie - traditional WR crack & fold block from BST or are you simply G blocking that way at youth).

Reason I ask is that while I used to block Naked the traditional way (ie - slide with fake), you taught me what I already suspected which is that while that's correct at higher levels, at youth you get more bang for your buck sliding where the QB is going. So I am wondering if the same logic holds true for the Reverse. Also, since it's only something I plan to use 1-2x / game, would prefer to recycle the G scheme instead of it having its own.


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We have many different ways we run a reverse, & probably as many different ways to block them. We really didn't consider G a reverse as much as an outside play.

The most fun play we run is called Geronimo which is a reverse pass off jet action. The QB after handing off to the jet back wheels out on a shoot route. We step & seal block(everyone steps to the Jet then seals back side). The Jet back flips the ball to the slot on a reverse. The Slot pulls up & throws the ball to the QB.


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