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Styles of Pass Protection

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Dusty Ol Fart
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I spent a long time developing a PA Passing game that had "Rub Routes" involved.  I did not want to bet Popped for Illegal Picks.  "Rub Concepts" are not hard to develop for short routes.  Simple X (Receivers swapping inside outside) routes will handle most intermediate defenders.  It's youth ball here. 

I NEVER count on Pass Protection!  Kids have a tough time differentiating from one to the other UNLESS, you use both with regularity.  Hence, to answer the Topic Question, I use strictly Slide protection to the passing side.  Back has Backside protection.  90% of the passing game I used was PA Pass.  I don't want a static "Pocket" I roll, one side or the other, ball comes out BEFORE the QB reaches the OT position.

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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What the purpose of the post originally was about, was changing the "Style" of protection not the scheme. So in what you are describing we would have the roll side G&T not giving ground while the C, G&T on the away side could give ground.

Pass protection IMHO is all about understanding where the launch point is, & tailoring the blocks accordingly. This is why we have our OLine understand what is happening on the play. They don't have to understand the routes, but the timing & the launch point.

At the Youth level if you work on protection with them understanding the why's you will improve your success greatly.


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