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What do you look for?

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Picking RB's for the BPI is really something that self develops. You also have to be willing to cross train all of the backs.

FB- This is the easiest back to pick. Simply your toughest player who is quick. You need a player here who loves contact.
In the Spread this typically becomes our RG. He has to be quick enough to get in front of the 4Back on 44 wham.

4Back- Typically we used a couple of different 4Backs. A larger tough player who can run straight ahead & a smaller quicker one for counters. It is also important that they can catch the ball.

TB- Here is where your best RB needs to be. We have had small fast guys who bounce off contact. Larger guys who can run behind their pads. Medium size slashers. There are times when one "Guy" doesn't jump out at you, it becomes TB by committee. One for inside plays, one for outside plays, & one for Off Tackle. Always rotate your guys until you find the "guy".


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