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[Sticky] Quotes from Clark

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Just getting started. If you find one in the forums, put it in the comments and I'll append it.

  • Run where they ain’t.
  • Never chase a man over you.
  • Never run by an unblocked jersey.
  • Never look back.
  • Any time you try and create and advantage by formation, you create an equal and opposite disadvantage someplace else.
  • Jet motion is sucker motion.
  • We can create more situations than our opponent can account for.
  • The DCWT is easy for the kids to learn, but hard for the coaches to learn.
  • Move a defensive player with motion, and that is a block that will never be missed.
  • Players on the field DO NOT get to watch the play including the QB.
  • DCWT is not series based; it’s philosophy based.
  • TD plays score more points than non-TD plays. It is a statistical fact. So I use TD plays versus non-TD plays. I let the other guy run the non-TD plays.
  • Anytime you collide with a defender, you’ve found your man to block.
  • Let the other guy win the scrimmage.
  • Don’t cut back until you reach the sideline (Exception: "38 Power Toss").
  • Aim where the defender player will be to block him, not where he is.
  • The best thing the WB & HB can do to get big yards for themselves is block well for the FB.
  • Don’t scrimmage against your scrubs. It will not point out your problems.
  • Time Management: The average youth coach doesn't realize that he is supposed to get in more and better teaching in the same amount of time as his opposing coaches do in their practices. If you only accomplish as much as the other guy, you really haven't accomplished anything. You're tied. You have no advantage. None. If they have better talent and equal coaching, they'll beat you. The only way you can overcome better talent is with better coaching (as in more reps). If you don't make a determined effort to outcoach your opponent, the trophy will not have your name on it. It either goes to the best coach or to the best talent. Decide.
  • Football is for the kids...but let's win anyway.
  • If you argue with an idiot, now there are two idiots arguing.

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"Score in 5-8 plays, .... make it look easy"

2 Things my offense will always have is a Wing and a Wedge