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Wheel routes

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Any coaching points to wheel routes I should emphasize?--pass left 0 to WB and pass right 0 to HB.

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This is where I differ from Clarks instructions of Hut 1 ,2 3

We went on hit and our QB knew when to snap the ball

On the WB wheel route we just called jet pass and the WB jetted across and at the SE the QB called for ball as the WB took a few more steps towards sideline he turned up about 3 yards from sideline and the QB threw to a spot.
I have NEVER had this pass intercepted. Either the pass gets completed, or it falls out of bounds.

I love the play

HB pass (is probably known as freeze pass) is the HB jetting right and at the WB ball gets snapped and few more steps HB turns up

I didn't use this one as much as I liked throwing to the short side of the field and with us running left so much we were, for the majority of the time, on the left hash.

Pass one open (TE) has never been picked
Pass 2 has but not as much as pass 3

I hope this helps

2 Things my offense will always have is a Wing and a Wedge

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