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8 man DW

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My friend is coaching freshman tackle (4,5 and 6 year olds) and after seeing some of my DW offensive plays, he was wondering if there is an 8 man version.  Does anybody have a playbook for 8 man DW taking in consideration that these are 6 and under kids?  Is it even possible? 

I just wish people that say "It can't be done" would get out of the way of those of us who are busy doing it.

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Don't have a playbook, but ran a concept of it the last two years with my 1st graders then 2nd graders. Our league plays 8 man the first two years, and they give you two options, you run the I formation or split back with backs no wider than guards outside shoulder.  I spent the three prior years coaching DTDW with my older son's team, so what the heck let's see what we can do out of 8 man.

Ran mostly Power and wedge, with one counter play and reverse. On Power plays I TKO blocked playside, pulled backside guard to kickout DE, lead back blocked top of the wall and QB lead up through tunnel. Worked out for us last year lost 1 game in regular season and made it to semi's against larger towns and more talent! On to 3rd grade and 11 man this year, cant wait.

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Talk to Tripwire. He just finished up an 8x8 season running dw. I think he kicked with the guard and god blocked with psg and pst and fbi with the ps wing. The qb footwork with kids that young and the toss will take a bunch of reps. So many to the point you may decide to go direct snap dw.
I helped out an 8x8 team with kids a little older. We ended up running beast as out base. It worked very well. We ran blast, sweep, counter, reverse and a backside te seam. We ran some spread jet stuff also but the beast stuff was very easy to install and very effective. We messed around with dw for a while but the beast was so much easier we abandoned the dw.

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coach sullivan,

8 man football is out of my wheel house. But I cant imagine its going to be much different than sweep/power/wedge/counter.
I believe there is a thread on here about 8 man football and DW.