Getting started with the Double Wing - Question about the toss  

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July 25, 2020 2:37 pm  

Yes you can. Here's the link to my 7U first year team with the toss and pulling G/T. It can be sloppy at times but our concerns were always more with the C/QB exchange than the toss at this age.

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September 1, 2020 9:20 am  

a DTDW coach once told me...When you first install the double wing, it's ugly.  It's like an ugly girl that you're seeing that you don't want anybody to know about.  You keep her secret because she's so ugly.  After awhile with the DTDW, she begins to become a thing of beauty, where you might actually want to take her to the mall so your friends can see you two together.  Eventually you'll get to a point where you'll drive around town with the windows down.

Jokes aside, if you run "the toss" with a handoff you'd be running this more like Wyatt does (look at his materials for reference).  This is a bigger decision, in my opinion, than you may realize.  Why?

In most systems, the QB is the hand-off guy who might be able to throw and can threaten the periodic keeper.  This means that most youth teams are putting one of their best athletes at QB.  The typical youth DTDW is different...There are 0 (ZERO) plays in the base DTDW package that require an athletic or skillful QB and rather than waste him as a handoff guy, we throw him right into the brawl downfield like a fullback..gaining a blocker.

If you're going to run the Wyatt version where the QB runs a hockey-stick, I would highly recommend using a kid who can move and be advised that you are losing a blocker as a result.  I considered running the Wyatt hockey stick.  The problem I had was I didn't want to move my best backs from WB/FB to QB.  If I had one more really great runner, I may have put him at QB and ran the DTDW like Wyatt does.

With all of that said, I ran DTDW with 9 year olds.  I could have done it with 8U's but it would have been uglier than it was to begin with.  There are quite a few things that I learned that would make installing with 8 year olds easier now.  I think probably the biggest thing that I overlooked from a consistency standpoint is rhythmic cadence.  If your cadence is rhythmic and consistent, you can normalize when motion begins and when the ball is snapped and the toss is made.  Until you come to this realization, you're going to have problems with motion.

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