Murphy Shotgun DW flip the line?  

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July 23, 2019 6:31 am  

Hey guys,

Any of you know if he flips the line? Also, anybody know of anybody that has dumbed it down (blocking wise) for youth level?

Yes, I have dumbed it down. Ran Murphys stuff with TKO for the past 2 years and this year will run it at 5th grade and 6th grade level.

Yes I flip, I also pull on sweeps backside as key breaker. Send me a message and I'll send you some game film, we averaged 37 points a game won our league Super Bowl

Frank Maguire, Piedmont, OK

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July 31, 2019 2:44 pm  

I truly believe as coaches this is more a confidence issue for us than it is a preference.

I take exception to this...

Not really.  🙂

It wasn't confidence for me. I'd say it was a combination of factors, but the bottom line was that I didn't feel we got the bang for the buck pulling BST.  With the buck being practice time and my own sanity.  I simply decided it wasn't worth the aggravation and how much pressure it put on my patience to add a blocker who, in the 2-3 years I pulled 2, rarely actually blocked anyone.

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