Opposing coaches raising hell about our backside TE cut blocking  

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December 6, 2019 4:35 am  

re: GaTE technique

In 2008 we had a Tackle who was being recruited by a large University nearby. Next to him was an "All County" TE.

We installed the GaTE scheme, and left it up to the Tackle to make the call as to who would pull. After looking at our game film the next day, we realized that the TE pulled on every play.
The OT was a lazy $hit, who didn't want to do the running. He rather take one step and engage the defender in front of him.
That ended that experiment, we never went back to it.

The TE was so adept at the seal and wheel block that one time he and our center ended up going helmet to helmet and nearly knocked each other out. I am sure we could have been called for chop blocks many times that season.

Because our wings are in fast motion on the snap ( we didn't do the slow shuffle, we went 1 1/2 steps fast and snapped the ball), many times out tackle was too late on the pull, and couldn't get to the hole before the back did. So we pretty much gave up on pulling him. This did improve our ability to stop backside penetration, so it was not a significant issue. If the Tackle couldn't get, the TE probably wouldn't get there, either. The last time we ran the GaTE was in 2012, but the play resulted in a long TD.

Agreed that the seal and wheel is not as effective as the shoeshine block, which was very intimidating. But ya gotta deal with the reality of the situation.

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December 9, 2019 6:24 am  

if i may, another thing to like about GATE pulling is the fact that you can use this as a sneaky way to get that TE open on a pass play if you can block long enough.  (we were single wing)  we dont have film on this unfortunately

we also dragged the short side TE (unbalanced) across the formation behind the defensive line in order to kick out the far corner run support , this led toi him being wide open on drag patterns on run action passes

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December 10, 2019 6:44 am  

We would also use our pulling TE for an inside veer option shovel pass....

QB would stretch the defense right by running.. then inside lateral to TE...

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