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Shifting Formations

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saw a wing T team line up in double tight "T" formation and either run plays from this or shift to 100/900, flex-bone and more. They shifted quickly and would get an advantage here and there, not always but sometimes the defense didnt line up right. One thing I thought was a pretty cool side effect was when they shifted the D would jump off sides or be on 1 knee waiting for the shift and get caught by surprise on a knee.

Couldn't hear what the QB said but Im sure the words he used were not to important, most every coaching staff have their own unique nomenclature.


the Delaware guys are famous for this stuff - they shift a ton

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saw the "centipede huddle" back on TV again, its that whole O inline straight behind center

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saw the "centipede huddle" back on TV again, its that whole O inline straight behind center

The only advantage I can see to that is that they won't collide w each other breaking the huddle & getting into position, no matter who's going to which side.  If you're multiple or flip your formation, like to snap the ball quickly, and that's been a traffic problem, there's your sol'n, though it's not the only one.

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I used to line the huddle up perpendicular to the LOS so my line could come up single file - with flipping the line, I figured that was less obvious than a fire drill of kids crossing back and forth.

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What term in your play call alerts the team you want to shift into a new formation like SCOTT Branch did with their double Wing

At the youth level (less practice time and should have less nomenclature to remember) if you want to do a presnap shift on most plays ... I think the best way to do this is to line up in your BASE formation on every play and then SHIFT out of it when you want to do something different ... so you can run plays from BASE or include a formation in your play call and they know to start in BASE and then SHIFT to whatever you called in the huddle ...

We did this with a mixture of Wing-T and DW at the HS level several years ago basing out of a 'Straight T' ... we would run the POWER T set of plays with no shift ... we would go to a split Wing-T (100-900 I think is what most guys call it) and run our Wing-T set of plays ... and then OF COURSE we would shift to DTDW and run our DW set of plays ...

Probably our biggest hitting play that year was WAGGLE on first sound from the Straight T ... defenses would be setting up or looking for the shift or whatever they do and we had 2 nice tall TEs with great hands ... deep corner route on the front side and dragging from the back side with all that Power Action by the backfield was just nasty ...

But the point is no need for any 'new' calls ... just start in the base set and go from there ...

I will try to attach an old Rubics Cube playbook (Darrin Fisher circa 2000 or 2001) ... He ran a pretty cool shifting offense that used WISHBONE as the base alignment and shifted to DW or SW (even had some Auggie Broken Bone) ... that was a youth club 9-10s and 11-12s ... I get to take credit for suggesting he base in Wishbone although he didnt run plays from the 'bone' very often ...

Back then we did some Wishbone/DW stuff as well although the Rubics Cube was a much better playbook than what we had ... Charlie Eaton took the time to draw up the whole thing for Fisher and it was pretty sweet ... 

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