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Talking With A Coach

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Had a coach PM me on Facebook about running the Double Wing.  I volunteered to assist him.  As we talked about what he wanted to do, I had to ask him some questions before we could even get into the "Here's How You Should Run The Double Wing" aspect...(which is ridiculous anyway, given how many versions there are, and ways to do things.)

Here's what I asked:

When he said he had previously run the Wing T, I asked him "Why do you want to change?"  (Then I suggested he might stay with the Wing T, if that's what he already knew.)

I asked, "What age group are you coaching?"

I asked, "What's the attraction to the Double Wing?" when he stated he was interested in the offense.

When he asked about blocking scheme, I asked him what he taught with the Wing T.

Having the answers to these questions can help me pinpoint how to answer his questions.  

I'm amazed by the number of immediate responses that are offered to a coach who's asking for help but has volunteered little info.  My advice would be very different to an experienced coach who is changing to this offense and has an off-season to work with his players, as opposed to a 1st-time coach running the offense for the first time with a group of very young players.  Knowing what blocking scheme you want to use, whether you're flipping your line, blocking with your QB, running Power to more than one hole, whether you're off-setting your Fullback or not, using motion, etc. are all decisions you'll have to make when you get into the offense.  It isn't just, "Which plays do I run?"



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 It isn't just, "Which plays do I run?"

While we can both absolutely agree this is the case. I cant help but think back to my days as a lonely inexperienced AC on a woefully misguided team where, "what is the best youth offense" riddled my search history. Thankfully I found DumCoach and quickly narrowed it down and then began the rabbit hole of information on the Doublewing. But while I would not condone a coach taking that approach to coaching any sport, it is certainly understandable to think it is that simple. Of course until you find out, that it is so much more than you could ever imagine. 



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I usually start by telling him all the obstacles he'll have to overcome. Then, I tell him all the ways to avoid shooting himself in the foot.

I was in the unusual position of having studied the DW for 2 full years before I got the chance to coach it. I knew 5 different "flavors", at least 4 different blocking schemes, several naming conventions and advantages/disadvantages of not flipping, flipping the line only or flipping the whole team. And STILL I was unprepared to coach it.

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