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TKO help

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Using TKO, if there is a Nose guard over the center and DT''s over each guard:  On power, should the center block the nose guard or the backside DT? 

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Center blocks back for pulling guard (yes he blocks backside DT).

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What you are seeing is known as a TNT front and should be something you throw at the kids during indys. Give them as many different scenarios as possible and make sure your drill they never have a man but they have a track and must get to their landmark.

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He has NEITHER ... the Center has a track that he takes to set the base of the wall ... against a TNT front he should end up hitting the backside DT but this is where so many guys confuse their own kids ... you cant teach them that 'X' is their man against a specific front ... if you want to do that then you are just teaching fronts ... requiring recognition and remembering who to get against which front ...

Once my kids are making the wall the same over and over again and they 'get it' ... then I will show how against a TNT we are essentially blocking down with the C,G,T on the TNT ... and I will show my Center how if there is noone in the backside Agap area that he can and should hit the NT with his playside hand or arm to help out the Guard who is blocking down on him ... I show this to all the boys (never leave your brother behind if you can help him) but only after they are flawlessly building the wall over and over against every front ...

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