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4-2-5 Defense Manuals/Books

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Gentlemen, I'd like your thoughts on where I can find the best material on the 4-2-5 defense. We're considering that defense for our middle school team next season. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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first of all...

you will want these: - its a 4-2-5 clinic recording put on by TCU

And these:
Boise State:
U Of Buffalo:

its all very similar, so it should be easy to follow - DO NOT TRY TO RUN IT ALL.... if i was putting together a 4-2-5 system at the MS level i would have:

-- 2 Fronts: Over (3 & 1) & Outlaw (double 3's)
-- 1 adjustment: Power (Brings the strong side safety down to a 9 tech)
-- 2 Blitzes: Double Backer (Bullets) Double Safety (Smokes)
-- 1 coverage - split field - Robber to the strong side, Cover 2 (Cloud) to the away side

and rep rep rep rep rep

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Jr titan has a ...and accesible 425

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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Joe Daniels has a 4-2-5 down on paper also. I enjoy his podcasts and he is always willing to help.

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Thanks so much, Gentlemen!

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FWIW, a lot of the youth "4-2-5" materials are just 4-4s where they've changed the OLBs' position name to "Safeties."  Nothing wrong with that, but you can feel free to look at 4-4 materials as long as you want to run man and Cov. 3 as your base coverages.  There is literally no difference between a 4-4 and a 4-2-5 if that's all you want to do.

The 4-2-5 you see at the HS and college levels is really a 2 high safety, spilling front system with Quarters and Cov. 2 as the base coverages.  You have a static 6 man box (4 DL and 2 LBs) playing C gap for C gap and then the 5 man secondary takes care of D gap and coverage on #1 and #2 to each side.  Against Trips, you man up someone to the strong side or man up the weak side and cheat the WS to the middle of the field to cap #3 deep while the CB, FS, and SS play #1 and #2 just like normal.

As far as player selection, your FS should be a a good, rangy athlete and tackler.

Your WS doesn't need to be as fast, since he's playing the short side, but should still be pretty good at playing man to man, smart in his deep coverage, and ready and willing to come up in run support because he has to set the edge on runs to the boundary.  He's basically the classic "strong safety" type, but he plays on the weak side here.

Your SS can be the weakest "athletic" player on your defense, since he basically just covers the flat, forces runs back inside, and doesn't allow #2 to get inside of him--she should never be asked to play deep 1/2 or deep 1/3, and if you're in Quarters or 2 Read he'll always have deep help behind him.  This is a good spot to play a smart, hardworking kid who's too slow to be a typical DB but also too small or lacking in physicality to be a true LB.  His #1 job is to set the edge on strong side runs and turn them back in.  Think of him like your classic "overhang" type of player from a 4-4 or a 3-5.

CBs are just CBs like in everyone else's defense.

The best run stopping DL goes to 3 tech, if you want to specialize and flip them.  We do it on our time, but I don't think it's necessary.

The DEs don't need to be great athletes, since they'll be spilling, but they do need to get off the ball and able to play with leverage and discipline.

The LBs don't have to be great athletes, either, but it helps--they need to be able to run through open windows.

Think coverage first in this system.

You can save yourself a lot of headaches by just setting your secondary strength to the Field and putting your SS, FS, and best CB there on every play.

Have your LBs simply wall the nearest receiver in coverage and carry him deep until something breaks underneath them.

Set the 3 tech away from the LB who needs to cheat out wider to a 40 tech to get a good wall--WLB against 2X2 and SLB against Trips.

Teach BDSD to your DL, spill everything, and use scrape exchanges against zone read.

Keep the blitzing simple (blitz a LB for 5 man pressure, blitz both LBs for 6 man), and have some calls where you can stunt the 3 tech and DEs to their inside gaps.  For MS and below, just do this with Man coverage behind it.

We run a 4-2-5 system at the HS level.  It's not the TCU system everyone else runs, but I'd be glad to go over what we do.