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DL - Defeating a Hold by the OL

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My oldest son is playing up an age bracket. He is a back up DT/NG giving 20 to 30 pounds often and up to 2 years. He does a nice job getting through his assigned gap and getting backfield penetration, he's quick off the ball and stays low. However he gets held a lot, pretty blatantly at times.

What techniques do you guys teach DL to defeat a hold.

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Your Profile shows 6 and Under, so I am going to say these techniques are far advanced for a player of his age group, but ff the Linemen are getting their hands on on your defenders very quickly, you may have to use the arm break technique.  It is a swift hard strike at the wrist or elbow the Linemen.  Hand combat is key for good line play.

Escape Techniques

The second is "Stab and Grab" technique.  If your son's hands are fast enough he can rip back inside with his grab hand.  lots of reps are needed to make it work.

2- Stab and Grab

Also check out Jack Gregory's 63 Defensive section. He as a pdf download on Block Destruction.

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Teach him one move or two moves and master it.  If he is light he should only be worried about one gap, hopefully his coach feels the same.

Make sure jersey and chest pads are tight, the less to grab the harder it is to hold.