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Help needed for an athletic QB in the spread set

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We play a team the we defeated in the regular season. They have switched their offense up to where:

1. A spread set with 2X2 WR stacked. The WR run combo routes, stacks, hard to get a jam or Bump and run on the slot receiver since he is behind the split ends. Passes will be to the slot receiver behind.
2. Also from the spread set, their athletic QB just runs sweeps with a lead blocker from the HB.

Our base set is 6-2 but we revert to a 4-2-5 cover 1 and will jam the first receivers on the line. Is this best choice of defense to contain the athletic QB.

Also I thought about having 3 down lineman with 3LBs to spy  the QB and play hook/curl zone and man up DBs with a FS on top or do a cover 2 look.

What do you think?

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We invert the ends now of they zone read and helps bs leads if we get the lbs playing correctley


Rb on my side- tackles in a 3 end backs up 3 steps keys qb
Rb opposite- tackle in g end on los keying rb

The end doesn't have pass drops he just play from there to get the qb to keep more then give

The secondary is just like yours cover 1

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.