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Practice Planning

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Does anyone have any good defensive practice planning schedules for the week?

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we work on tackling fit and finish everyday during normal circuits.

As for align and assign we do those on Tuesday and Thursday during the year.
Install of defense we usually do that during no pads week with the offensive install off days like Monday no pads week offense, Tuesday defense, Thursday offense, then move to defense.

I think we may need more of what your asking for?

2 Things my offense will always have is a Wing and a Wedge

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Just thought about that coach LOL.  I was thinking about more situational stuff.  Like red zone, 3rd and long etc.

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Just thought about that coach LOL.  I was thinking about more situational stuff.  Like red zone, 3rd and long etc.

Where are you with the basic stuff - stopping the run, not getting beat deep, gang tackling, etc.? 

I don't work on the situational stuff until I have the basics covered.  Many times, I am putting in substitutional groups based on those situations (red zone, prevent, etc.).  I have "calls" that I will make and we rep them to ensure that people have their gap, coverage and BCR responsibilities. 

We are in year 4 of our defense and I just started getting into the situational stuff last year. 

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A couple years ago, I was in charge of the defense by myself for any group periods.  (the players still got individual time with their position coaches.  I asked the coaches to work specific things each day).  With a Friday gameday, I focused on these:

Indy: 1- technique fixes from last weeks game.  2- anything technique wise that would be new to us for this week
Group (skelly and inside run): alignment/assignment (including motions) vs base, then alignment/assignment (including motions) vs the top two blitzes I wanted to use for the week.  This was all against -30 to +30 yard line, 1st and 2nd down type stuff. 
Team: the same from just making sure the defense can execute as a team...execute the same stuff they did in the group periods.
Monday was all about mentally preparing for the opponent.  Making sure the players knew exactly who they were playing this week.  Once alignment/assignment was good, we'd move on to seeing their base plays in a team setting.

Indy: focusing on three things (technique wise) the players had to do for us to win.  Maybe that is a 5 min tackling circuit, 5 min drill of reading three step and 5 min of press coverage...whatever what was needed.  Maybe they were an ISO team, so the LB's would make sure to get reps taking on the FB and the BSLB's scrapping. 
Group:  3rd down and red zone.  both skelly and inside periods we would work the same percentage of base defense and pressures that we would want to run in the game in those specific situations.  This allowed us to focus our time in team period a little better.  As an example, I'd save the 3rd and 7+ run plays (think draws) for team, and focus the inside period script more on the 3rd and <= 4 runs.  I should also mention that I wasn't afraid of POD drills here if we needed them.  As an example, if the $'s or C's were going to be heavily involved in the run game playing the strong side of a wing t team, we'd design a drill where the OLB, $'s and DE's would get reps working off of one another.
Team: same 3rd down and red zone thought process.  Include the draws, screens, short yardage PAP's, and trick plays here.  The emphasis was to apply a ton of stress.  I looked at this period like a test...and I coached through (and took notes on) when we got a situation wrong.

Indy: anything from group or team Tuesday (technique wise) that needed to be addressed.  If not, repeat of Tuesday's indy.
Group: 1st/2nd down (75%) and 3rd downs we failed during Tuesday's practice.
Team: Situations...almost always started on a first down.  1st and 10 from the +40...1st and goal from the +9, 1st and 10 from the -3.  We'd go from the situation until the defense "got off the field".  I'd have every play they would have drawn up on cards.  that way, if the defense didn't get off the field on 3rd down, I could ask the coach running scout o to "run play 8" (or whatever) to control the situation.  This day was all about cleaning things up.

Final test day...
Indy: almost always the same as wednesday unless a glaring need arose
No Group
Team: situations...apply stressful situations...only this time, there had better not be any failures 😉