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Talent being relatively equal, what type of offense do you feel most comfortable defending?

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Offensively, I use a lot of spread formations...however, it is what I prefer to face defensively.

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Back when I coached H.S. ball we played a ton of split-back veer teams.  Inside veer was most common, got pretty comfortable dealing with it.  the one team that emphasized the outside veer, ugh, but we couldn't match up with them athletically and esp. talent level on their Oline.  Wouldn't have made a difference what offense they ran, the talent was too one sided.   But, over-all, I think - comfort wise - it'd be the split-back veer. 

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Spread.  That's what we see the most and what we practice for the most. 

We win more than our share with the players we have, so I am confident we would kill them if we were equal.

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Most comfortable to defend?  Without a doubt, any sort of Spread offense.

Wing and option teams have been traditionally much more difficult for me to prepare for.


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Option.  If it were HS, things might be different, but in the youth game, everyone gets about 6 hours of practice per week. I think to run a good option, you need a lot more time with your QB.  So when I scout a team and see that they run option, whether it's speed or read, I think we're going to have a good day on defense.

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