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2014 Pop Warner Mitey Mite Bowl Game at Disney

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I am pleased to announce that my Mitey-mite team will be representing First Coast Conference out of Jacksonville Florida this year. Below is a link to our gofund account.  Every little  bit helps! This year for a 2 night stay will cost each person about $382 just for the room. Doesn't include travel, food and parents.

Thank you for any little help you can provide.

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Congrats. I'm looking forward to heading over there again this year to check out the games. Had a great time last year. We are with FYD in Tampa.

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My old association played in the MM bowl a few years ago. The one advantage you have over the older teams is you have much more time to raise money. Congrats on being chosen. The Pop Warner Superbowl is a great experience for the kids(not so much for you though). How many nights are you staying?

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Congrats coach. Any idea of who you will be taking on?

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I volunteered for chains and crew for disney last year and ended up getting mitey mites the entire first day I was there.  For the most part they were some tremendously competative games.  However, a few teams showed up with what looked to be a crew of tiny mites and moms and dads that wanted to go to disney.

I think the team was from Mass or New England and they played the team from Hawaii first game.  It was an absolute destruction.  The refs finally had enough before the first quarter was over.  They were dragging kids off the field left and right.  The Hawaiian kids were ENORMOUS and Extremely Aggressive.  Them and the Pittsburg MM's were really good from what I remember.

Anyway its all good to go and have fun for sure, but even though its MM they come to win.

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I tried to get our team nominated by our conference, but I was told it was too late and a conference can't send more than 1 team every 3 years....

We are going to compete at the Nationals in Daytona instead.