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A Thank You...  

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I've had a chance to win a couple championships and they were great, but nothing in my 15 year career I think has been as satisfying as our win this past weekend.

We came in this weekend 1-2 (after a shaky 0-2 start - losing very close games to teams we should have beaten easily...)  After blowing out a bad team last week, we were facing the best team in the league.  They have averaged 38 points a game and have not had a team score more than 6 on them in the last 3 years.  They throw well but their biggest threat is their running back.  Very fast, very shifty and very mean.  If he doesn't drop your jock with his moves he is dropping his head and running over you. 

Anyway - we worked so hard and schemed all week to shut this kid down.  Even changed our whole D up.  I honestly was prepared to be proud to just give them a fight (that is what we did last year when they were just as good.  We lost 12-0 and were the only team that kept them from scoring 40 last year - I was proud just to do that).

Anyway - they came in, loud and proud and ready to kick our butts and we not only faced the challenge, but we won 22 - 0...  "0"!!!! 😛 😛 😛

Still can't believe it.  We played awesome and really had a chance to score again and we even had a first and goal - goaline stand and kept them from scoring.  One of those games where everyone made everyone look good.  It is fun when what you labored on paper actually works and the kids believe in it and carry it out. 

I am telling you guys partly to boast on my guys but also because many of the things we did were things that I have learned or tweaked from reading from you guys on this site and wanted to say thanks.  Some Wing T tweaks - my "Guard Surprise" (that actually scored) i got from some of you.  Very cool.  Even when we all staunchly disagree about something, we can still learn and become better.  Appreciate this site and you coaches. 

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Wow! Great job coach. Sounds like a great game and you had your team very well prepared !

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Awsome work coach, to you and your team. Gotta be a great feeling.  8)

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Congrats coach

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