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Asking my players to reflect (and maybe their parents as well)

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Did you E.A.T? As you reflect on your 2014 season and prepare for your 2015 season, consider and evaluate your performance in the following areas:

EFFORT- did you always put forth your best effort? Did you always lift hard doing all of your sets and reps as you were coached to do? Did you try and skip sets and exercises? Did you run your hills and sprints hard or did you loaf? Did that translate to loafing and resting on the field? Did you ever take plays off? Every down should be played as if it were your last. NO matter the score, you should be putting forth your absolute best effort on every snap. We say "whistle to whistle" and need each and every player to give it his all. Putting forth great effort is a display of both physical and mental toughness.

ASSIGNMENT- did you do YOUR job? Our football games are roughly 120 plays. You had an assignment on each and every down. Did you get it done as you were coached to do? If you were free lancing and making up your own assignment or doing someone elses job, NOBODY WAS DOING YOURS. Coaches are some times forced to remove players from the game because they aren't being coachable and doing the job they have been trusted to do. As you prepare for 2015, consider, can you be trusted to do what you are coached to do? Football is a team game that requires discipline and trust. Four words for four quarters....DO YOUR OWN JOB.

TECHNIQUE- We spend many hours during the season working to perfect techniques. We work on proper footwork, hat placement, shoulder pad level and so on. Do you focus and apply this teaching to your game play? Do you revert to undisciplined "back yard football" or do you display the skills that have been taught and drilled during the 75 practices? Always remember that techniques are chosen by the coaching staff based on the job you are expected to do. Ultimately, the techniques are chosen to make you more effective at playing your position. If you selfishly abandon the techniques, we have wasted practice time. DURING PRACTICE you have an opportunity to "buy in" to the techniques and work hard to improve your performance - make your mistakes in practice, get corrected so that you do not make them in games. Each year in the program you should experience growth and comfort in your position and display mastery of the techniques. It takes time, reps and being at practice to become a master.


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