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It's travel ball so I assume you have tryouts every season?  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I would be careful about "building for the future" unless it's about making sure the kids are fundamentally sound and making them better players for the future.  The turn over in youth travel baseball is extraordinary. 

Travel ball means (to me) a hand picked select team that changes from year to year.  The goal is the putting together best roster and winning your league and tournaments. If you take them across your state and across the country the common theme you will see with the elite teams is a stud at catcher.

All the advice you've been given about needing multiple catchers and developing kids is good but you will give away lots of runs without one of your best players at catcher.  I guess what I'm saying is don't try to hide somebody there and putting your 9th best player there will cost you runs and games. 

P.S.  Disregard all of this if you can't steal bases.  It's bad advice in that case  😉

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Thanks I was thinking that would be the case also.

We are 9u travel A team. 1st yr in kid pitch. Last yr was first yr together. Coach is a pretty good coach!! He's does know baseball amd been coaching for a few yrs. I would do some things a lil different "mostly cuz my 3yrs on thia site" 😉 but he knows the game. Just was wondering that.

LOVE THE KID THOUGH!!! been coaching him 4 yrs now in balanced kid I've ever seen...i installed a jet wedge series offense and he was my wedge back. Avergae speed but hard to bring down in a crowd lol. It's just he's about .500 at stopping balls in practice and cant make 2nd base throw all the way and not very quick.

We've also coached together for 4 yrs. Good guy just overly favors his son at times last couple yrs. But i just thought I'd ask.

Couple of comments.

If the plan is to build a team for the next 4 or 5 years regardless of open or closed bases, catcher should be the priority. I made the mistake at the younger ages when the bases were closed (no stealing, leadoffs etc) of not putting the best athletes back there. Sacrifice a few wins now to be better in the future (assuming you have some base restrictions, if you don't then its the most important).

You will need 3 plus an emergency.

They need to be drilled in practice just like the INF....Catching is the OL of baseball....neglected in practice then expected to produce in the games.

My younger is 8U Machine Catching is pretty much totally irrelevant. Practices just started and we are talking everyday about what its going to look like next year when we go to Kid Pitch which starts w/...who are the Catchers really going to be. I'm just an AC on this one but I've thrown out the idea that all 12 should catch and receive instruction this year...knowing that we have 4 real candidates to be the number 1 Catcher, then hopefully a couple more develop.

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It is a handpicked team but no tryouts. coach picks the players though and everybody is pretty decent. As i said i dont know alot about baseball but here we play USSSA which has 4 levels..A, AA, AAA, & Majors. We are a A team that will prolly move up to AA during the season this year. So right now i guess we're a step above Rec ball but with some good coaching have the players to play with AA teams. Thw coaches seem to know their stuff but then again i dont know what to look for in a good baseball coach. My only complaint is he makes them run laps before practice which I've explained to them why I dont do laps in football. But as they lap the coaches are talking about practice....and thats my point to them about why we have coaches meetings before season. But all in all the boys are getting better and my son enjoys playing for his coaches and thats my main concern at his age.

No base rules. Everything is open...stealing and all.

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I'm currently coaching 8u Coach Pitch.  We will be working all season preparing our catchers for kid pitch. 

Right now the big thing for 8u is being able to catch a pitch, and then catch a ball coming in and make a play at the plate, alot of kids can do that.

Even now we are preparing them for fielding kid pitches and preventing cheap base gains.  Gonna take alot of work, but it's a big focus for the season.

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