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Been a while.... so here is an update...DC46!

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Ok so last summer I thought I was out of Coaching. Got drug back into it right as the season started and watched our team who the previous year had 7 Shutouts and made it to the Championship game, be decimated by every team in our league. Due to my "retirement" the team had given the DC job to someone else and due to his scheme, the Defense Averaged giving up over 3 td per game, and had a record of 3 and 5. One of those wins was by forfeit. We did Qualify for the playoffs and were beaten 45 to 6 in the first round by the 3rd seeded team.

At the end of last seasons finish, I told the Head Coach and the President that I would return IF I could be the DC again. Our Regular Season is now over and we enter into the playoffs as the 3 seed. Our Record is 5-2, We allowed 18 points on defense during those 7 games, The Defending Champions beat us 6 to 0 in the first game, when we gave up a long td run. The other 2 games that we were scored on we gave up 1 big play in each game. The last 4 games we Shut the Offenses down. All in all, The Offense due to turnovers allowed almost as many points as the defense did (14).