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October 15, 2020 11:11 pm  
Posted by: @rjbthor

Gents I am going to see if I can get a play put in for our playoff game. DP has called me out claiming I drive a station wagon and that can't carry a load 🤣.

Actually, what I said was, "Why in the world do you NOT have a Counter play when you are an off-tackle team?  That's like driving a pickup truck (or station wagon) that has no storage to carry stuff.  I mean, what's the point?"

To be fair, he has a Ford Raptor which is the coolest truck on the market and the only truck I'd be willing to trade my Hummer for.  But without a Counter play, he ain't carrying anything in the truck bed.


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October 15, 2020 11:16 pm  
Posted by: @prodigy

@bob-goodman I actually agree with you on this.  The counter/trap looks best on paper based on what he has shared with us.

Heck, maybe some of this other stuff would work better on grass than I’m imagining but I feel like you lose a fair amount with this backfield action...and I sincerely believe that for a really effective counter or reverse play, the action should look the same and change at the last instant.

Of course.  But it depends on where they're looking.  With the scissors as a counter to the power, the only thing that's different is the wingback's steps.  So if somebody in the middle is keying the wingback, they can stop it even if the rest are keying the fullback, the halfback, or even using the pull as a key.  This is not like crossfire series where everything's the same except who gets the ball.

Actually. come to think of it, the pass play would be like that.  Everyone would start with the same steps as on power, except the wingback instead of blocking looks in for the pass.

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