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I have been asked to put on our annual camp for our league. Our governing league does not allow team activity during this camp, which is fine, but I do want to keep age groups separated. In the past, all drills were set in a round robin format. The problem is, we have 6 year olds ending up in drills that are challenging for 11 year olds. This is a complete waste of time IMO. I am fine with round robin, but I want it to be age appropriate. 6/7s have their own round robin and so forth throughout our league. Kind of fishing for ideas if anyone has suggestions. Our age groups are 6/7....8/9....10/11. Thoughts?

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You can do our 3-Cone drill with a different age group at each cone. It's worked really well for us.

And our 2-Board drill could be adapted for that, so it would basically be three board drills instead of three cones.

So kids would always be matched up with kids their own age, but would also be competing with kids of a different age who were at the next spot over and such.

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We group by age and have stations. The drill being run is adjusted based on the age group in that station and we rotate. We also have to use different balls by age. It is not Team activity, but it can and should be aged based due to safety reasons. If anyone ever gives you crap, just pull the safety card.