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This season I finished up coaching an 8th grade team I started with when they were 5th graders. I was never supposed to coach them, but during an informal meeting with who was supposed to be the HC, after an introduction by a parent who was an AC, I was asked to run the team. I was blown away. Anyways, along the way we did some great things. We created a culture of winning on the field and off. We mentored young men during some hard times in their lives, holding them all to the same standards regardless of athletic ability. We made it to the championship 4 years in a row, winning 3. That was all well and good, but the reason we won so many games was our approach. Stealing ideas on culture from so many coaches on this site while injecting our own way as well.

During the four years I coached at the HS these kids will funnel into for 2 years. Worst 2 years of coaching I ever was involved in. Won't go into details but it was an eye opener to see how a youth staff was so focused on the development of young boys into men through the game and then to see a HS staff that was the exact opposite. It was about personal glory. I wanted to be at the HS for two reason. One was to be with the kids I had started with on my youth previous team. The second was to pave the way for this next group of young men.

Well after a decade of coaching youth and those 2 years at HS up here and several at another school in CA I am a coach without a home. Weird feeling. After the season was over I thought I would take a year off, but I would like to be somewhere next season. Just no clue where. Have had offers from a couple of HS's but both are to far from work/home for me to even consider them.

Youth org header asked if I wanted to be a coordinator on their team next season. Would be a 7th grade team. Mulling it over....but I know I have a hard time being on a team that doesn't do things similar to how we have. for the Olympia/Lacey area....or along the I-5 corridor from south seattle to lacey (my work commute). Help a homeless football coach out.

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Anyways, along the way we did some great things.


That is a big understatement Josh.

I hope you land somewhere. If they don't see it then its on them.

Heres to hoping
But wait,... one thing I've been taught,.... "Hope" isn't a strategy

Heres to finding your next gig

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