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Colorado Pop Warner 12U State Championship

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@g8trs I was wondering what was up on that 4th and 2. My brother in law said you should have gone with "no play". I think you caught them 2 out of 2 times earlier in the game. They were extremely undisciplined.

Predators sideline calmed down after PW kicked that guy out. Although, he ignored them and hung around anyway.

One of their coaches drew the sideline warning because he thought their guy scored. From where we sat, he was dead wrong. Kid's knee was down. Anyway, he was screaming about "you can't call him down when his hand is down". White hat said "no more" about 5 times before he threw the flag. Then that same coach kept saying "just coaching them up, sir" enough time that he got another flag. For whatever reason, they did not walk off the penalty.  Next, they thought they had you for a safety and a dad on the sideline started running his mouth. He drew a flag and was ejected. He kept saying "I'm a spectator". White hat stopped the game until the PW folks visited him in the golf cart. PW guy told him he could "go by those sheds" on the South end of the field, but like I said, he just ignored them and blended in with the crowd. To his credit, he was quiet the rest of the game. What is important is that a total of 3 flags were thrown, but no penalty walked off. You ended up taking a safety.

After that, the fans calmed down a lot. Coaches and players were melting down, though. Really getting on each other.

Was this an official "PW" game?  I ask because according to Predator's Facebook page, Gold Helmet is not officially on the roster and was only supposed to play in non-league games.

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