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Bob Goodman
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if it made sense,


Kinda curious...  is there an experience-based consensus for or against hybrid offenses?   Not so much in terms of adding a little something that works to your Offense (like running your scheme from shot-gun when you've been under center) but in terms of combining two systems that call for different blocking, different techniques ...  that sort of thing?   At what point would it become too much for the kids to learn (Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none) when would it become counter productive?

I'm thinking less about coaches ego's and such, than how much can the kids absorb in the practice time alotted and before it becomes confusing and diminishes the reps needed to master?  What would be lost in order to hybridize?  When does it begin to become a grab-bag offense? 

There are hybrids and hybrids.  Just mashing things together for no functional reason results in a mish-mosh.  But combining complementary parts of different systems can result in a new system that suits a team better.

Mahonz is the one here who IIRC likes to grab-bag, but his grab bagging is not a matter of just taking from this and that system; instead it's a matter of assembling a tool box of plays that, while not series-based, provides answers for situations, similarly to how the pros usually do it these days.

The offense I installed in 2015 was a hybrid of jet-oriented wing T with single wing, designed to exploit the advantages of both in a single formation.  My HC unfortunately turned it into a mish-mosh by also installing some I formation, even though I told him that'd best be done with different line splits, different blocking rules, etc.  Fortunately as the season wore on, he called for the I less and less, but the time spent on that was time I'd wanted to work on belly, spin keep, and fly trap, which never got installed.

Seems like you're contemplating hybridizing for "political" rather than functional reasons, so expect some sacrifice of function.

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I still think you can do this without the "help."  When I was the JV header at EWHS, we had 41 players and I had 1 AC.  The Varsity DC would call our defense on game day (and I had agreed to that dictum), but the other 4 days of the week (M/T/W/F) was just myself and Coach Williams.


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Chain of command should be clear. When things go south you want to take credit or the blame. That goes both ways. If you're not the header, it's not your ship.

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