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Congrats To Coach Gumby

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Wanted to give a shout out to Coach Gumby. Today was the official Draft so he is now the official Head Coach of the AYFA 5th Grade Outlaws. 

They have 25 players. My worry with any transition is numbers taking a hit. We didn't. The kids love Lar. Ran into one of his "puppies" at the grocery store today that coaches before Lar had ignored. Lar took him under his wing and turned him into an animal. I told him what was up with the Smurfs. He told me no offense but Lar was his favorite coach....ever. I told him none taken. He is going to be a Senior this Fall. 

So Vincent. He might help with the Smurfs if you need another body. 

I met Lar about 15 years ago. I was part of the Board in an Org where Lar was desperately trying to get a team. Didn't work out even though he was more qualified than most. He spent all but one season since then being the most valuable AC any HC could ask for...and then some. 

This guy rocks and now he his running his own team top to bottom. 

Very happy for him and our Org is giddy that he took over the Team. 👍 

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Meh...let's see how he does, first.

lol.  Actually, I can understand why he would be any player's favorite coach.  He's committed and passionate about kids and coaching.  You can't beat that.  I'm looking forward to his season.


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Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I'm going to keep this train rolling as long as they'll have me. 

25 is a lot of guys. The only way to make this work is to 2 platoon. This means putting a lot more on the coaches. Everyone needs to take a position group and it's up to me and Lonnie to turn them into good coaches. 

Theme for the season: RELENTLESS. We are going to be that team that refuses to lay down, refuses to go away and refuses to give up.

Challenge for me is to demand more of these kids than ever before, but without yelling, embarrassing or punishing. Players will hold themselves and each other accountable. Accountability doesn't work when the coaches care more than the players.

It will be a return to 100%, no compromise MOJO. We will intimidate and will not be intimidated.

But this is all talk. Let's revisit this topic in November.

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