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Critique my Practice Schedule

Coach Kyle
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I plan to do the same thing every single day. I want it to move fast and be repetitive with one exception.

I have a lot of new coaches this year. I'll spend the first week showing them the basic drills, and then we'll break the kids up into Line / Backs. 

Age group 8/9 yr old

We only have 18 kids and 3 assistant coaches, 2 can commit full time. 

Warm up: Hand off snake - 10 min

Offensive fundy: 20 min

- Includes Reps of main play and form blocking / sled

Defense fundy: 20 min

- Includes reps of 33 stack blitzing, includes backfield pass read, defensive pursuit

Inside run: 20 min

- Mojo time, we do Okies, 3v3, general tackling drills

Outside Run: 20 min

- Heavy focus on outside tackling and defensive end play, mostly half line drills

Special teams: 10 min 

- KO/KR maybe we punt when we're ready

Air - 10 min

Mostly birddog, we will have a "developmental team"

Warm down

Static stretching / final comments and good news. 


Preseason we need to do 3 days of non contact. We'll mostly install the offense and defense.

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