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Do you prefer to play youth football on an 80 by 40 yard field or 100 by 53?

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Wait, I thought we all agreed that kids can handle advanced concepts? That only applies to football? I am of the mind that kids can handle much more than the schools give them. School should be a struggle. Talking to my gf about how she is forced to teach she said she believes the kids could do much more if the schools got away from the bs teachers are forced to implement.

I'm sure some kids can, but everyone must learn to walk before they can run, no matter how much we want them to sprint.  Systematic learning still works, but it's not sexy.

"February: I want to run triple option from the single wing, but with a pass option, too. Should the end run a post or a corner?
September: Any advice on how to get my center to snap it properly?"

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