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Female flag coach  

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I ref a community flag league and this past Friday I had a game in the loser bracket. Previously this team was terrible, when i saw them approach the field they were energetic, positive, and with a woman. Thinking it was just a mom I didn't pay much attention.  Then the game started and she was calling plays. 


This team went on to win 7 scores to 1. Amazed I asked her when she took over the team, she responded "after they missed the play offs the coach bailed with his son".  I complimented her and left.

 She was just a mom with a daughter on the team that had an idea of football but she was very good at motivating and teaching. 

It reminds me as a coach no matter how much "football" you know the game is simple and it's success is found in people helping people not papers with x's and O's. 


I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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