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So I've spent the last two years as the RB coach at MCHS.  I told the header when I was hired that one thing I could promise was that we would set a team record for fewest fumbles in a season.  Here's how our RBs fared this year:

RB 1: 122 carries 0 Fumbles

RB 2: 13 carries 0 Fumbles

RB 3: 6 carries 0 Fumbles

RB 4: 2 carries 0 Fumbles

RB 5: 2 carries 0 Fumbles

RB 6: 3 carries 2 Fumbles

RB 6 came into the season as the projected starter, but injured his thumb in the pre-season that required a cast.  He fumbled twice while wearing the cast, then injured his shoulder and was out for the season.  Regardless, the 2 fumbles in 148 carries was a new all-time low for my teams, where turnovers and turnover ratio has been such a big part of my coaching philosophy.  The real proud moment was that our RB 1 was selected as the Conference Offensive Player of the Year in a Spread/AirRaid offense.  His numbers:  122 carries, 747 yards, 6.1 avg., 11 TDs.  He caught one pass.

The AirRaid is a poor offense for featuring the run game.  However, Coach Williams and I have taken an aggressive approach to incorporating our (Double Wing) philosophy, so that defenses would have to honor the run and the pass.


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