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How big of a role does seniority play in your organization?

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Our program has done it the same way every single year.

The oldest group gets first pick of the practice locations and then it filters down to tiny mites regardless of seniority of the coaches.

Seniority means absolutely nothing in our league.

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2 years ago we almost had to forfeit our first game because we got our pads so late in the season. By rule you have to have a certain amount of practices hours in pads in order to scrimmage or play a game. We got them just in time. A large part of it was that the youngest groups got their pads first and we got ours last. I have no idea why our group went last. New helmets had to be ordered. How they didn't know they didn't have enough helmets is beyond me, they said a bunch of the little guys had big heads. The youngest groups do not have playoffs or keep records so I feel, based on that experience, that the youngest should go last. We lost over 2 weeks of contact practice due to that mess. The largest amount of practice space should go to the older groups without question and the older groups should not practice next to the little guys for safety reasons. The older groups also need access to goal post.


Thats incompetence on the part of your Football Commissioner/AD and your equipment manager. We can fit the youngest first because we know that we have enough gear for everyone. If you wait until June or July to order large amounts of equipment your going to be in trouble.

We have our stuff organized by size. All of our shoulder pads are on racks by size. Our helmets are organized by size. Our game pants by size. We know based on the ages of the kids what size helmet they need generally. Of course there are 1 or 2 outliers on each team. But we have enough equipment to account for that usually. We also hand out our equipment a few weeks before the first day of practice. This way if we are short a pair of shoulder pads or a piar of game pants we can order them.

Our coaches are also involved in the fitting process and this helps us move the process along. We are typically fitting 3 to 4 players at a time. So it goes pretty quickly. We typically only ever have to order extra equipment after the equipment fitting for kids who are really small or really large. Last year we had to order 4 or 5 pairs of shoulder pads for our Tiny Mites, a couple of helmets for our Jr. Midget and Midget kids with big heads and a few extra pairs of game pants because we didnt have enough smalls. But we knew this a month before practice started so come the 1st day of practice we had all that stuff for the kids.

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