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Last Chance U Season 5 (final season)

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If you need a football fix, Last Chance U is back. Finally, a coach worth a TV show. I've only watched 2 episodes, but John Beam seems like the real deal so far. Players also seem to be better human beings than past seasons . . . so far. One kid, Dior Walker is a young man that I can't help but pull for.

When in doot . . . glass and oot.

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Coach Beam is an awesome dude! We have a mutual friend who connected us while I was in the Bay area visiting DLS with Michael back in 2017. I spent a couple of days going back and forth between Laney and DLS watching their practices. The guy who connected us is one of Beam's best friends so he was incredibly gracious while I was there. 

I saw him again last fall when he came up for our friend's birthday. I was curious how they would make the show "entertaining" to those looking for a grease fire. Having been to his practices and seeing how the program was run, I knew this was going to be a COMPLETELY different version of the show.

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Definitely much different than the other 4 seasons.  Coach Beam seems to be a good dude and his wife appears to give him a good balance.  My only disappointment was at the end of the show when you started seeing where the featured players were going.  It didn't look like Beam did as much for some of the players with respect to trying to get them to D1 as he indicated throughout the season.  Dior is the biggest example for me.  Beam talked like Hawaii would simply take him on his word and then you find out that he was only getting a preferred walk-on position.  In his defense it could have just been how the show was slanted.  Worth the watch for sure.

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