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My Discussion with Olderdog

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Spoke on the phone yesterday with "Olderdog," a youth football coach in Virginia.  He called and we spoke for about an hour & 45 minutes.  Very interesting conversation and a bright coach.  Despite spending that length of time on the phone, we didn't talk X&Os.  He understands that scheme isn't what wins games.  We talked about teaching and the philosophies of teaching.  Unlike the bozos who are looking for that face-melter scheme, play or drill, he's interested in learning how to teach better, which is the key that unlocks the communication between player and coach and helps kids to UNDERSTAND.

So many of the Facebook buffoons are having blind-leading-the-blind conversations, but Chris is actually interested in learning the "how" instead of the "what."  Instead of "What drill/what scheme/what play?" the focus of our discussion was, "How do I get a player from Point A to Point B?"  "What bullet points are used to get across information?"  "How do I communicate better?"

Of particular interest was our discussion of Proactive vs. Reactive Coaching.  Anyhoos, it showed me that there's a few coaches who are interested in putting in the time to become better, instead of thinking that coaching success is about the talent they have or the face-melter they've designed.  Thanks Chris.


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If you don't have talent, you got to have the face-melter!  

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