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NBYFL Varsity (?) season 2021

Bob Goodman
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I had wondered what effect having to sit all of 2020 (and no spring clinic this year) would have on our club's rosters, and it looks like the players (and coaches) drifting away effect was predominant, as I learned at our coaches' meeting this past Wednesday night.  So the Newton [NJ] Braves Youth Football League (which doesn't compete as a league) is finally doing something they successfully resisted for years: forming teams ranging over 2 years of age instead of 1.  We're going to compete in the Sussex County league instead of the Morris County YFL, which I suppose means the MCYFL has managed to keep up single-year teams.  (One of our divisions will, however, get extra games, mostly for their scrubs, in the Central Conference of the MCYFL, which is set up for that purpose.)

This means the division team I'm coaching on actually had its roster grow to 20 by combining 13Us with 12Us.  (I guess that's still age as of August 1.)  The weight limits in Sussex's league are as generous as we expected in the MCYFL, so I don't think anyone will have trouble making weight for games.  (In fact some of our division teams will be playing against considerably heavier teams.)  We lost our HC and our OC (Dan and Lance), but maybe we'll pick up some from the 12U coaches.  It's a small league as of now, so I'm guessing double or triple round robin schedule.

Rosters covering 2 years in age (and with older-lighters) were what I was used to in the Bronx anyway, and by the time I left the Warriors they'd even had to cover 3 years.