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I have had very little trouble with NTs causing my wedge to slow down

2 a gappers....... now that is a tougher road to plow through

So is it now....GO FROGS !!!!

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I'll be updating my progress here as well with running Dave's SW for MM's. I am planning on using GOD blocking the way he teaches in the book/video. I probably won't put  in much  more than the Sainted 6. I'm actually more concerned about getting the wedge to work with the lil guys.

I was originally going to run Beast but I figured as the kids move up to the next level ,things can be added(Burst, Spinner,etc)in Cisar's system.

At mm all you need are the basics. Add tags to stress the force player. Wedge should be your best play imo. GOD blocking is not a difficult install. Just remember that kids need to be explained what inside gap, on and down actually mean. One of my favorite tags is the g tag. It has the g ko the emlos and the bb go to the backer. It is an easier assignment for the guard imho. I believe it is a must with younger players, but again, I haven't coached that level.

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