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Coach Correa
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Me i'm HC -OC- OL Coach offensively. On D i put all schemes in front to back and work box together weather it's 6 or 5 man fit's for that week. I don't call the defense at all unless i kill a call then expalin to DC later reason why so he can understand our way of thinking.

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I been meaning to ask you that is that the gent with the blonde hair ? Obviously i've watched enough of your film shares.

Older guy? Ya.

It's often confusing for other coaches. lol. Sometimes parents & players. But we figure it out. Only thing that's a pain is dealing w/ referees. Some will only talk to the HC, so we have to go through this ridiculous process of me telling our header what to say to the refs. Lol. Or to call a timeout.

It's all about having fun.  But losing aint fun!

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I coach the OL during the season. I can coach the other stuff during inside run or team type stuff. I teach the QB and WR during other times.

I coach DL. The other guys I coach at different times in the offseason.

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For my 3rd & 4th seasons I had an AC that was capable of coaching the O-line.  But, I still coached the O-line, anyway.  But, there were practices that I turned the O-line over to him while I worked with the backs. He had to move on to other pursuits.  He's now a Jr High AC.  Good guy and a good coach.  We both learned from each other.  My 2nd and 5th seasons I had an AC that I let be the OC/Co-HC.  Worse mistake I've ever made in coaching.  Oh, well... you live and you learn.
Since then, for the teams that I am HC (10u & 8u), I'm also every other 'C'.  It's not by choice.  I've just never had any AC's that were as good as that one AC from the 3rd & 4th seasons.  I've just had dad coaches that were passing through with their sons.  Some were more helpful than others. 

For the 12u team, I am the DC/O-line/ST coach.  The HC is the OC, paperwork guy, deals with parents and all other tedious bs that I enjoy not having to deal with. 

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Here's something i always mention when i'm speaking at a clinic's or even in commom conversation amongst other Coaches speaking from an offensive point of view.. Which group of kid's is your focus point  and which group do you take (OLM-RB's-WR's-TE's or QB's) ? And were do you spend your biggest investment of time. I'm curious to hear honest answer's and why.

I first focus on oline and lbers, but my job is to coach my assistants so they can coach their position groups in such away that it fits in the bigger picture....i lack trust in giving away oline and lbers enough not to be hands on....i literally coach every spot for a day or two just so i know they have heard it directly from me. Trust me when i say there will always be those who seek to do it their own way, mainly out of ignorance about the big picture.

Biggest time investment is team offense and lbers for me personally.


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Coaching your assistant coaches is great! I would always check if what they learned is be taught correctly. Being a new HC can be overwhelming and at times you get caught in the learning process. I coach the offensive line and when I have a competent assistant I will assist in other positions. In our team period we make adjustments and I'll takes notes for coach and team discussions.

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Wasn't a HC for very long, but my philosophy was the same as it was when I was an AC in charge of the offense.

Short version - coaches went where they were most comfortable/could add the most value, and I went to the spot we had left. What that has translated to over the 13 years I coached is that I coach the backfield, as we always had others more comfortable coaching the line.  This past year I was able to jump over to the OL here and there as I had an AC who was able to run drills with the backs.

Defensively, running JJ's 33, there are really only two groups to coach - I have always taken the cover group.

If I ranked where I would be in a perfect world - 1) Floater; 2) Line; 3) Backs.  As you can see, we were far from living in a perfect world...

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