Sprints after game?
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Sprints after game?  

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At my older son's varsity game this past Friday night, they beat the other team 23-6.  The opposing team huddles for about 5 minutes then proceeds to run sprints across the field.  Doing about 8 or 10.  I've never seen this before.  I wasn't sure if it was penalty sprints for losing, for penalties during the game....

Has anyone else ever seen this?

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Once I saw a team I was playing doing up/downs at halftime. They were 8-9. It was punishment.

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I saw it a couple times in the last few years and believed it was punishment.  Personally I think it is a load of you know what to do that to your players right after a game, especially a loss.  Most times my team looses and after I calm down a bit at home, I begin to go over all my own mistakes.  Things we could have prepared for better, game time decisions I made or didn't make...  do I make myself do sprints?? 

Sure our players have down games, but good coaches and teams win and loose games during the week IMO.  I will be the coach that takes the loss on my own shoulders and our discipline is already established long before the games are played!  JMHO...

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Was he sent to the clink?

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I did it once  in HS after a game we lost where we just didn't perform to our potential . Game was filled with a lot of unnecessary penalties and a lot of fighting on the sidelines. The Coach huddled us up and told us since we wanted to embarrass the coaching staff and school by looking like a bunch of **** who don't listen he'll embarrass us as well.

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I don't think doing sprints down-ups ect. after the game is the best practice. We are dealing with kids! We coach how we were coached. - We teach how we were taught. - We lead how we were lead! We must set an example on how to handle adversity in our lives.

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We coach how we were coached. - We teach how we were taught. - We lead how we were lead!

Good lord, I hope not.  My frosh HS coaches actually did this to us once - made us run a ton of sprints after a loss.  As I recall they were upset because the players weren't all crying and upset on the bus ride back from the loss.  Those coaches were clowns, but I lost whatever respect I still had for them after that stunt.  Even as a 14 yr-old kid, I remember thinking, "Sheesh, these guys do a terrible job of preparing us for this game, then call a lousy game, then they get upset because a handful of kids are laughing on the bus 60+ minutes after the game was over.  They're just taking out their frustration over their own incompetence with these sprints.  Morons."

Between football & baseball I had some really good coaches and some really bad coaches.  Those bad coaches were part of what inspired me to get into coaching in the first place - so that I could help protect some kids from some of the bad experiences I had growing up in sports.

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Good lord, I hope not. 


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I played for a coach that did this after every game win or loss. It was part of his 4th qtr. conditioning program. As a player it was part of the post game celebration after a win and it was the start of the new week after a loss. The team was an old school smash mouth type of team and the practice was simply part of creating the blue collar type culture in the program.  We believed we out worked anyone and took pride in that.

I would agree as a punishment it would be stupid and unproductive for the most part.

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After my sons team had thier 1st scrimmage this season they ran sprints for 20 mintues after beating the other team. ::)

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