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Summer Schedule

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Just received the summer itinerary from our header.  In addition to our delightful schedule of morning practices from 7am - 10 am, we will be doing the following:

June 13 - Last day of school

June 14 - 7on7 Camp at NC State

June 14 - Linemen Challenge Camp

June 16-18 - Team Camp at UNC-Pembroke

June 20 - 7on7 Competition

June 25 - Weight Lifting Competition

June 27 - 7on7 Competition

(1st Week of July -Dead Period)

July 11 - 7on7 Competition

July 17 - 7on7 Competition

--I will be watching more film per hour (frames per minute?) than at any time all season.


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When I was in school we had 2 weeks of double sessions in August and then the regular school week practice.

High schools practice so much more now before the season it's crazy. 

They just started a passing league that was a one day thing my senior year. 

I played in it as a linemen to help get me in shape and caught a 70 yard t.d. pass, but it got called back due to an inadvertent whistle.  I was pissed. 

I dropped another one right through my hands, it just spun right through them without stopping.  Maybe my hands were dry or something.  I didn't get another shot at a ball.   

I played LB on defense and was covering so good that no passes were ever coming my way. 

I got bored and started thinking I was Deon and playing away a bit and baiting so I could get a pick.    Didn't work out so well when he ran by me for 50 yards and a score.

Back to the line for me.